Charging Solution

Ready for EV Charging?

GENIS is providing a very effective Solution needed to develop an electric vehicle and as well as to operate a charging station

Global standard
based Charging solution

To optimize design & development concept to meet customer’s requirements by supporting customized charging program.

EV Charging Network Software

To build and manage EV charging Infrastructure by using CPOS Network Operation Platform.

Global standard
based Charging Testing System

To provide Testing System able to monitor and analyze Charging Sequence and Protocol between EV and EV Charger.


We, GENIS make a constant effort to provide fully validated economic Charging Solution to improve customer value.


CSM (Charging SECC Module) is PLC modem for EV charger based in ISO15118 standard


CEM (Charging EVCC Module) is PLC model for EV based on ISO15118 standard

Monitoring Tools

A device to monitor and analyze the communication message between EV and EVSE

EVSE Simulator

A device to simulate EV charger, very effectively used when it is developed a communication module for EV and EV charger

EV Simulator

A device to simulate EV, able to provide very various testing mode by modifying EV charging sequence, timing, message parameter and so on. 

Testing Tools

IdenTS records all the error by verifying and measuring the communication messages collected during actual charging time

ISO 15118
Software Stack

GENIS applies the newest version of Charging standard for GENIS SW stack


GENIS OCPP library provides OCPP Charging Station, OCPP CSMS and Source Code

GENIS Platform

A solution for of EV charger control server platform

EVSE Attached Device

GENIS also provides accessories and control board needed to develop EVSE

Interested in more detailed information?

Contact us right now. We will respond quickly.

Interested in more detailed information?

Contact us right now.
We will respond quickly.
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