EVSE Simulator

GENIS EVSE Simulator enables to implement ISO/IEC 15118 communication test per each module
EVSE Simulator(11P)

EVSE Simulator

Support of the test function EIM, PnC, VAS(Value added service)
Test for DIN 70121, ISO 15118-2 and ISO 15118-20 protocols.
Charging Mode / PaymentISO/IEC 15118 AC, DC / EIM, PnC
ISO 15118 PnC Function listPKI Management(CPO/CPS/MO/OEM)
TLS Verification
Certificate Installation
Certificate Update
XML Signature verify on/off
MonitoringDisplay transmitting/receiving V2G message
Output charge parameters status
LoggingReal-time logging for message information (raw data, *.pcap)
OthersCP PWM Duty Output (Duty change, monitoring)
PWM Voltage monitoring & sensing (12, 9, 6v) function On/Off


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